Heat Illness

Rising temperatures will make summers in Illinois hotter. Heat waves will last longer and will happen more frequently. This means that more people will be at risk for getting sick due to heat. There are different types of heat related illnesses. The table below describes the different illnesses.







Elderly_httpwww.fema.govmedia-libraryassetsimages45411The elderly, people who do not have air conditioning, people with mental health or heart problems, and those who work outside have a higher risk of getting heat illness. On days when it is very hot everyone should drink plenty of water, avoid physical activities outside during the hottest time of the day, and stay in the shade or in air-conditioned places. On these hot days you can also make sure your neighbors are doing okay, that they are drinking a lot of water, and to see if they need to go to a place with air conditioning.








Photo credit: CDC/Amanda Mills